Our Program

Launched in 2015, the EUSD Film Guild was designed to capture the imaginations and passion of our K-6th grade students through film.  By creating a Career Technical program that rivals with high school film classes, students learn and engage in camera work, scriptwriting, production, and more to build career-ready skills.  Students accepted into the Film Guild program will be required to attend Film Guild weekly meetings and work toward creating thought-provoking, inspiring films that cover subject matters appropriate for both school and community distribution.  Students who apply should aspire to enhance their learning and abilities in cinematography.  The Film Guild will encapsulate the DREAMS model (Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math, Science.)  The EUSD Film Guild is an honorary, professional film society dedicated to highlighting the unique perspectives of our K-6 students.  If this sounds like something your student would enjoy, please have them apply during the week in September when applications are accepted. 

Students will make a year commitment to the Film Guild, which also includes their colleagues, their mentor, and community.  Students will explore their environment, experiences, and learn, both at home and school, to develop creative and unique film compositions.  All films created in the Guild will be considered for competition at the EUSD Film Guild Awards, as well as, other festivals or events as deemed submittable by the Film Guild Producers.

Guild Apprentices will...
Attend all meetings and commitments as determined by their Film Guild Mentor
Keep up with their classwork and be in good academic standing
Check our District PowerSchool Film Guild site weekly
Be asked to participate either during some lunches or after school (please do not apply if you are not willing to commit to either of these time spans)
Sign a commitment to be an outstanding team member
Be respectful and professional at all times
Meet the participation needs of the program
Participate in online PowerSchool discussions
Attend kick-off and Skype meetings