2021 - 2022 Films Awarded


CA Media Festival Awards
6 category awards and 2 grand prizes

GRAND PRIZE - Aesthetic - Elementary
Butterfly Playground - El Camino Creek Elementary

GRAND PRIZE - Academic - Elementary
Escape from Vietnam - El Camino Creek Elementary

Global Awareness - Elementary
The Frozen Zoo - El Camino Creek Elementary

Global Awareness - Elementary
Our Future and the Sea - Ocean Knoll Elementary

Media & Information Literacy - Elementary
The Boston Tea Party - Mission Estancia Elementary

Adobe Creator Award - Elementary
Butterfly Playground - El Camino Creek Elementary

Elementary Aesthetic Fiction
Butterfly Playground - El Camino Creek Elementary

Elementary Academic Non-Fiction
Escape from Vietnam - El Camino Creek Elementary 


iVIE Awards – 4 WINS

Best of Both Worlds – La Costa Heights

How to Learn Soccer Moves – El Camino Creek

Boston Tea Party – Mission Estancia

People Alike, Places Apart – El Camino Creek


EUSD Film Guild Awards
11 Category wins, 11 Specialty wins, and 1 Grand Recognition

Category Winners

ANIMATION                            Mosquito Fish                         El Camino Creek

DIVERSITY / INCLUSION          Best of Both Worlds                La Costa Heights

DOCUMENTARY                      Our Future and the Sea          Ocean Knoll

DO IT YOURSELF                     COVID Relief                           El Camino Creek

EDUCATIONAL            The Frozen Zoo                       El Camino Creek

EXPOSITORY                Love Electric Bike                    Paul Ecke Central

HISTORICAL                             Escape from Vietnam             El Camino Creek

HOW TO…                               Slime Time                              Capri

INSPIRATIONAL                       From ECC to the NFL   El Camino Creek

ANIMATION                            A Day in the Life of Art            El Camino Creek

SHORT NARRATIVE     Explore England                      La Costa Heights

GRAND RECOGNITION            The Boston Tea Party              Mission Estancia


Specialty Awards

Best Global Oneness               People Alike, Places Apart      El Camino Creek

Best Inclusion & Awareness    Perspectives from the Gay Community          Ocean Knoll

Best Film on Location              My Surfing Life                        El Camino Creek

Best Storyline                          Legos                                       La Costa Heights

Best Art Direction                   OPE News                                Olivenhain Pioneer

Best Visual Effects                   Fun in the Sun                         El Camino Creek

Best Scriptwriting                   Dragon Fruit                            Mission Estancia

Most Outstanding Creativity  Butterfly Playground               El Camino Creek

Best Student Voice                 Shabbat                                   La Costa Heights

Best Use of Film Technology   Lewis & Clark… and Bob         Capri

Director's Choice                    Climate Change the Movie     Ocean Knoll